How to meditate your way to a spiritually happy life

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Happiness can be superfluous, if it does not evolve you spiritually. Spirituality takes you to a blissful life free of its drudgeries and vices. It is a contrivance to enhance an intimacy with your inner soul. But a spiritually happy life is the pursuit of a mind that can unleash its true potential and detach the heart from malevolence forever. Meditation is the most appropriate route to walk the path of spirituality. It is the art of lightening the baggage of stress and tensions from the mind. It can evoke an insightful approach towards the world around us.

Even scientifically, it is believed that meditation helps to reshuffle the human mind with a positive attitude to attain true happiness. But it entails a rightful practice of meditating. Here are the five effective techniques to meditate for bringing the ultimate bliss to your life.

  1. Finding a Perfect Spot:

While clearing the clutter of your mind, choose a space that is aptly quiet and clean. Your meditation spot should be free from disturbances of any kind. It should offer you comfort and serenity that can soothe your harried mind.

  1. Comfortable Posture:

Meditation is all about the right posture. Always sit comfortably in an upright position. If you want to experience the intensity of this art, try a yogic position resembling lotus posture. Always prefer to sit on a cushion or a yoga mat. If you can’t find them readily available, sit cross-legged on the floor. You can also sit on a cosy chair because being comfortable is a requisite for meditation.

  1. Gently Close Your Eyes:

It is essential to close your eyes while meditation. It helps to de-clutter the mind from the intense thought process invoked by the visions of our surroundings. This technique requires you to relax completely before you start the process of removing the burdens from your inner soul.

  1. Become The Submissive Observer:

With your eyes closed, take deep breaths in and out to relax your mind. After continuing this process for some time, you will reach the stage where you can observe this flow passing through your body. Allow your mind to think but restrain the thought process to become a passive onlooker. Count 1 to 10 and back again. You can repeat this procedure as many times as you wish. This practice helps to control your focus and refocus whenever your mind gets distracted by countless feelings at a time. This complete process will refine your mind by clearing every redundant thought one by one. You can meditate for as long as your mind attains the pinnacle of relaxation and contentment.

  1. Get Back To Your Surroundings:

It is time now to ease your physical state and feel the surroundings with an elevated sense of pleasure. Open your eyes gradually and revisit your physical being. Calmly spend some more time pondering over the thoughts that crossed your mind throughout the meditation session. This will expand the horizon of your mind to encompass positivity and delight.

These five steps or techniques can show you the path of self-attainment and spiritual awakening to find the perfect happiness that defines a human existence.

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