A Gratitude Practice Guaranteed to Make You Dance!

1513742_699419193490759_186662356276580040_n By Emmanuel Dagher

Gratitude and kindness are the pillars of a happy life, but how often do you take time out of your day to remember your blessings and express your thankfulness?

Doing these quick exercises will help you focus more clearly on the things you have now, rather than the things you want. It can be a struggle to focus your mind and be thankful during our busy, everyday lives, but these processes seek to eliminate that struggle and make gratitude and kindness fun and easy breezy.

Morning gratitudes aren’t about coming up with all new items every single morning or finding the best possible things to be thankful for. Instead, they’re about appreciating everything in your life, no matter how big or small. By beginning your day in a state of gratitude, you immediately foster an environment of more gratitude and even more prosperity.

It starts your day off right and opens doors for more high vibrational energy and growth to occur. The more we have to be grateful for, the more positive energy we carry, which encourages even more growth.

In the morning, start with the 3-Step Gratitude Game:

Step 1: Get a pen and paper or a little notepad. Write down all the things you are grateful for.

Step 2: Periodically throughout the day, jot down new items as you think of them.

Step 3: Share your list with someone.

This can be done in person, through e-mail, over the phone, or via social media.
This exercise encourages you to be grateful for both the big and little things in your life. Keeping in mind all of the things you are thankful for as you go through the day promotes not only prosperity, but also happiness and joy. It encourages you to think of positive, motivational things in your life that are helping you both personally and professionally.

Then, comes the musical part. This 5-Step Gratitude Dance, to be completed after the game, bring the party to your gratitude-giving.

Step 1: If you can, change into some comfortable clothes that you can move in easily.

Step 2: Gather together your list of gratitudes from the Gratitude Game and a radio, MP3 player, YouTube connection, or cell phone—anything that has a happy, upbeat song on it that you love.

Step 3: Hold your gratitudes over your heart area, right below your collarbone. Take a moment to set the intention of giving gratitude to the Universe for what you have.

Step 4: Turn on your song and dance! While dancing, say or sing all the items on your list!

Step 5: When the song ends, take another moment to quietly thank the Universe for everything that you have.

Feeling thankful again? That’s because this process uses physical movement and energy to help you open up to the energy of positive thinking all around you.


Emmanuel Dagher is a highly sought after Transformation Specialist, Holistic Health Practitioner, Inspirational Social Media Personality and Speaker. He is the author of the Amazon bestseller Easy Breezy Miracles. Considered by many a next -generation new thought leader, Emmanuel is a gifted humanitarian who is devoted to assisting people and the planet in positive transformation, in service to the well-being of humankind. His highly anticipated new book, Easy Breezy Prosperity: The Five Foundations for a More Joyful Abundant Life will be released by RODALE in January, 2016. To subscribe to his popular Energy Forecast and for more information please visit Twitter:@emmanueldagher — FB: facebook.com/emmaneuldagher1