Whatever Lola Wants Movie Review

Would you ever consider quitting your job to travel to Egypt and follow your dream?

Well, that is exactly what happens in Whatever Lola Wants, a movie about an American postal worker (Lola) who travels to Egypt to take belly dancing lessons from a legendary instructor.

Whatever Lola Wants is an adventurous tale about the ups and downs of following your dream. In the beginning of the film, Lola has a calling deep inside of her to be a belly dancer. Something within Lola is asking her to act on this desire and move to Egypt. However, Lola initially questions her calling and believes she must keep her stable job as an American postal worker. Eventually, though, with the encouragement of her friends and an attractive Arab man she falls for, Lola is inspired to quit her job and move to Egypt to become a belly dancer.

After Lola gets to Egypt, we watch her wrestle with her personal fears and try to overcome some difficult external obstacles that come her way. As we witness Lola struggle with the inner and outer challenges of following her dream of pursuing dance, we begin to wonder if Lola will discover what she really wants.

While taking the viewer on a fun and thought-provoking ride, the movie suggests that our dreams that originate in our hearts are calling out to us for a very definite reason. However, we may not initially know exactly what that reason is, where that dream will take us and the type of impact we might have on others when he have the courage to follow through on our heartfelt desires.

This movie prompted me to ask myself:

1. “What are my dreams and are they worth pursuing?”

2. “Do I have the courage to follow my dreams when I don’t know exactly where they might lead me?”

3. “What type of person would I become if I do NOT follow my dreams?”

Moreover, this movie inspired me to realize that while our external dreams may come true, the true joy of following our dreams is transforming into the type of person we can become — only by going through the hero’s journey of venturing from the safety of the known to the magic of the unknown and the mysterious adventure that awaits us when we follow through on our heartfelt dreams and most authentic callings.