Love’s Calling

Headshot, E. Griffin

Below is a guest post written by Elizabeth Griffin about her new book, Love’s Calling…

On Writing Love’s Calling A Journey to Italy Self, a new book by Elizabeth Griffin, to be released June 27, 2014

I showed the new cover of my book, Love’s Calling to some of my teen students during English class. “Cool! How long did it take you to write it?” I flashed back, not to the past as much as to the rambling path that led me to the book’s completion.

What came to mind first was following my heart. I left my hometown with only the things I had packed in my car and traveled alone for almost 8 years, stopping to work, but still changing domiciles every 6 months. I learned to write down my thoughts, if for no other reason, to keep my family posted on my whereabouts.

Then spiritual inspiration came to the fore. I met others with similar interests who ended up pushing me when I was lost in my own ideas about myself. A Course in Miracles was an important hand to hold, especially while everything fell apart.

Next came grace that led me, with no idea or plans, to Italy. Here the pace of life allowed me to sit quietly and look deeply – and keep writing.

After that came cancer, Ms. Cancer that is – an anthropomorphic  version of my breast tumor who helped me look deeply into what is (and what is not).

And the book? Actually this is a second version – the first was a mistake. I had to start over just when I was turning 50 and thought my good looking breast prosthesis were going to be permanent. That’s when they found more cancer, and I went back to….zero.

“How long did it take me to write the book?” I repeat the question. “Seven-eight years, maybe?” I can’t remember. “What’s important to me,” I said to my students with a smile, “is that I arrived at this point – Here, Present, where time has no meaning.


Join Elizabeth Griffin in her beautiful new book, Love’s Calling: A Journey to Self, as she jumps into the unknown in search of….Love. Following inspiration she travels and ends up halfway around the world in Italy. A diagnosis of breast cancer changes the panorama of her outlook completely. She discovers the true terrain of her explorations is within. It is this new perspective that leads Elizabeth to realize her journey’s end.