Producer Brad Pitt Explores Spirituality in New TV Drama “Resurrection”

Having conquered the awards shows as an actor, Brad Pitt moved on to producing in 2006. This was a move Time credits as genius, in part because of Pitt’s dedication to pursuing supposedly “unfilmable” projects. Pitt has stuck to projects with a deeper meaning. IMDB lists 23 movies for which Pitt is credited as the producer, including such silver screen hits as “A Mighty Heart,” “Moneyball” and recent smash “World War Z.”

Not satisfied by the mere revolutionizing of Hollywood, Pitt is undergoing yet another transformation, this time to the role of television producer. Critics from Indiewire suspect that his latest project “Resurrection” will take the TV world by storm, just as Brad Pitt productions have in movie theaters.

When and Where to Watch “Resurrection”

The series premiere for “Resurrection” will air March 9, 2014, on ABC, which is available through most cable packages according to Both the series premiere and following episodes are slated for Sunday nights at 10 p.m. EST. ABC will also offer the opportunity to view previously aired episodes of “Resurrection” on their website. An entertainment package including both Internet and cable service should ensure your ability to enjoy “Resurrection” in whatever manner you see fit.

Adapting “The Returned” for Television

As with many of today’s best television series, “Resurrection” began as a highly-acclaimed novel “The Returned” by Jason Mott. Critics from The Boston Globe compare the novel’s revolutionary structure as “reinventing the wheel,” pointing to a suspense-filled plot that manages to retain poignant perspectives on issues related to death and spirituality. Now, the big question is whether Brad Pitt’s television version of “The Returned” will remain true to the intellectual core of the novel on which it is based — or whether television producers will abandon such depth in favor of the entertaining, but shallow plots now associated with mainstream network dramas.

Family Love Versus Moral Obligations: Central Themes in “Resurrection”

Based on ABC’s initial trailer, it appears the plot for the premiere of “Resurrection” will closely parallel the early narrative featured in “The Returned.” Landon Giminez plays Jacob Garland, an eight-year-old boy who has returned to his family, 32 years after his tragic death by drowning. Although thrilled to have their little boy back, parents Harold and Lucille Garland are deeply disturbed by the circumstances of his return. Is this the sign of a coming miracle, or a premonition of their demise? In a world where little boys such as Jacob can return from the dead, what does it really mean to be human? Is immortality a gift or a curse? These questions, and others, will be explored in the series premiere, which, assuming it follows in the footsteps of its novelized predecessor, should provide audiences with a very thought-provoking hour of eentertainment.