Powerful Words, Softly Spoken…


By Joylina Goodings

No individual is here on Earth by accident, neither are we ever really alone – even in our darkest hours we are only a single thought or intention away from guidance and help. Spiritual life coach, author and angel expert Joylina Goodings explains what the angels’ influence has in store for us, and how to achieve our highest potential and inner peace in her best-seller Your Angel Journey

All our journeys have a beginning and an end. What we do in the interim is what matters – that is what constitutes our life. And everything we encounter in this life is resonating, vibrating according to the frequency of its creation. The lower the vibration the more dense, solid and visible the matter becomes. We are created as solid beings but within us is a much higher vibration. Some call it our Life Force, Essence or Soul and this is what contains all or creative potential, emotional spectrum and capacity for both incredibly loving and spectacular actions as well as immeasurable destruction. The fundamental aim of this journey is to make the most of our ‘light-bulb’ moments and minimise the number of times we feel left in the dark.

We cannot necessarily choose everything that happens to us (like redundancy, divorce or acts of violence) but we can choose how we move on and what we learn from the experience. This is where higher vibrational beings/energies such as Angels, Spirit Guides and even visions of the departed can help. Angels have been around for as long as we can recall acting as messengers between the ‘Power House‘ or Divine Creation and humanity, with the oldest recorded angel rock-art dating back over 10,000 years. They have proved to be popular as they have a majestic, yet human form and feature in many religious teachings so their concept is not alien to most people.

Angels are here to help realise the very best in ourselves and as we connect with their energy life begins to unfold in more beautiful ways that increase our appetite for living. We begin to notice the signs of their presence whether it is in the form of the random appearance of white feathers, magazine articles touching us at opportune times, messages in music or just helpful people coming into our life. Whatever the sign all we need to do is notice, trust and act. All our fears and worries can be lifted from our shoulders when we invite the angels in to help us on our journey. We all start at birth and end at death but what we do and experience in between is what informs our way of thinking and being. And there is no reason why we should not choose joy over pain, success over failure or happiness over sorrow.

The beauty of connecting with Angels is that we need to ‘know’ very little about them. Though much is written about individuals, hierarchies, explicit powers and roles, when it comes down to it all that matters is that we remain honest and open. We need to think more about the type of guidance/assistance we need and the type or ‘quality’ of energy would help. We needn’t worry about the ‘how’ – the angels will take care of that. We can be as specific and practical as we wish – we can ask for the perfect relationship, a car, a new house, new job etc.  What we must consider above all though is what we want to experience with this new relationship, car, house, and job, like joy, happiness, love, security etc., because it’s the qualities we experience now that make all the difference rather than how such things came about.Faceforwardtransparent_DSCF9800-2

Your Angel Journey acts not only as a source of great inspiration and reassurance but also like an instruction manual to ensure you receive all the guidance you need to make the most of your life. It sensitises you to the vibrations all about us. This is not superstition. It is increasing your awareness of how subtle energies interact in the ebb and flow of life, how we can prevent our own energy reserves becoming depleted and tap into the vast supply from the cosmos, after all it is our place of origin.

For more information about the way in which angelic energies can enhance your journey through life visit www.joylina.com and order Your Angel Journey (published by O Books) today.