George Noory interview about Beyond Belief TV show

Beyond Belief with George Noory is a new TV show that will explore the unknown and mysteries of the universe.  I recently had the chance to interview George about  his TV show. Below is a copy of our Q&A…

1.  What is your new TV show Beyond Belief going to be about?

The show is much like the radio show coast to coast am dealing with all subjects supernatural, unusual and mysteries of the universe. We will also deal with  conspiracies, alternative medicine and ways to improve our lives.

2.  What do you hope viewers will learn from it?

I’d like our viewers to get a better understanding of what’s happening around  them…to prepare them for events that may take place in the future.

3.  You talk a lot about controversial subject matters like UFOs and paranormal  activity, how do you respond to skeptics?

I think skeptics are healthy…every subject needs to be looked at with an  inquisitive eye…and skepticism does that.

4.  What is the most fascinating metaphysical experience you have witnessed  or heard another person talk about from first hand experience?

The man who was going to commit suicide…drove miles away..saw a lake to do himself in at..and was greeted by an old man who talked with him about life and saved his life…The guy went back to his a new job..a new relationship and a year later went back to thank the old man…He went to the
barbershop not having the old man’s last name…and was referred to his daughter who lived in a house at the top of the hill… He knocked on the door and began to ask the daughter where the old man was to thank him…When she stopped him and said…Your the 5th person to do this…Dad died 15 years ago!

5.  Where can we find out more about your TV show?

At (You can get) ten days free.

6.  Any closing remarks?

Party on.