“Meditation: What is it & how to meditate deeper” Teleconference MP3 download

I recently hosted a Teleconference with Veronica Gabrielle La Barrie, author of Things To Know About A Course in Miracles, on how to meditate deeper. Veronica has been teaching meditation for the past 25 years. During our live Teleconference Veronica explained:

– What meditation is and what meditation is NOT
– How to meditate better (even if you’ve been meditating for years)
– Specific techniques you can use to overcome the challenges of meditating

We also opened up the line and took live calls from listeners who asked questions about whether to use a mantra or focus on your breath when meditating.

At the end of the teleconference, Veronica Gabrielle guided us in a live experimental mediation using her unique methods.

You can download a free MP3 of this Teleconference by ‘Right-clicking’ on the DOWNLOAD TELECONFERENCE MP3 text below.