Interview with Kathy Ross on past-life regressions, karma, free will & her novel “Bound by Destiny”

I recently interviewed Kathy Ross on past-life regressions, the relationship between karma and free will and her new book Bound by Destiny, a Past Life Journey to the Present.

In our conversation, Kathy explains:

– How knowledge about our past lives can help us work through challenges we face today

– The relationship between karma, free will and our destiny

– Why she wrote Bound by Destiny – a novel based on her own past-life regressions & relationship with her “soul mate” across many lifetimes

You can download an MP3 of the interview by right clicking on the link below. ‘Right-clicking’ will save an MP3 of the interview to your desktop and allow you to listen to it on your MP3 player or Itunes…

Right Click HERE to download Kathy Ross Interview MP3.

Bound by Destiny is a metaphysical novel based on a true story. It is a fascinating epic account of Kathy’s journey through many lifetimes, as she repeatedly encounters her “soul mate” through the oceans of time, only to lose him through a variety of propinquitous circumstances over and over again. She finally gets it right in (and her soul mate’s) present lifetimes, and the ‘journey’ to this current existence is at times raw, often thrilling and perpetually deeply personal.

For example, the novel centers around her complex relationship with Hal. At a past life regression workshop, Kathy is able to remember someone from a past life whom she hasn’t met in this lifetime. And there he is, Hal, a very married lawyer from northern Ontario, sitting right beside her at an advanced meditation lecture. They have seven children between them. They just want to do the right thing. But they fall in love and soon share memories of many lifetimes together where they were never able-because of circumstance, age, position, duty, and tragedy — to choose a happy life together. And this lifetime? Well, you can just imagine…

Bound by Destiny is available on if you click here. In this lifetime Kathleen Ross has been a newspaper feature writer and columnist, a singer and songwriter, and intuitive counselor specializing in the Tarot, past lives and shamanic healing.