Interview with Jessica Maxwell, author of Roll Around Heaven: An All-True Accidental Spiritual Adventure

Jessica Maxwell

Jessica Maxwell never intended to have a spiritual or mystical experience. However, after seeing her just-deceased father’s face on a plane of cloudless blue sky, like a projection on a movie screen, she began a path back to God and a spirituality that was open to learning from all religions and belief systems. This led her to a series of events that most would describe as synchronistic or even miraculous.

Initially a religious skeptic and a journalist specializing in nature and traveling to foreign locations, Jessica wanted to document her adventures and spiritual experiences so she could understand how and why they were happening to her. Eventually, she wrote about her journey in a personal memoir, Roll Around Heaven: An All-True Accidental Spiritual Adventure.

I had the chance to talk to Jessica about her life journey and why she wrote Roll Around Heaven. Using humor and heartfelt personal anecdotes, Jessica shared with me how we could have more authentic spiritual experiences throughout our daily life even if we are a bit skeptical or reluctant.

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