Rick Stack interview on Seth material

Rick Stack, M.S. Ed., was a student of Seth & Jane Roberts and personally attended over 100 Seth sessions given in Jane Roberts’ classes in Elmira, NY. He is the President of New Awareness Network Inc., “The Seth Bookstore” and publisher/editor of The Seth Audio Collection, The Early Sessions (Books 1-9 of the Seth Material), The Personal Sessions, and other books by Jane Roberts. Author of “Out Of Body Adventures” (Contemporary Books 1988), he has been teaching workshops on the Seth material, Dreams, Out of Body Experiences and metaphysics throughout the United States and abroad for over 35 years. Below is an interview with him about his work…

1. What is your relationship to Jane Roberts and Seth?

I traveled 500 miles every week to study directly with Seth and Jane Roberts in the 1970’s, during which I witnessed over 100 Seth sessions. Later on I became one of the main publishers of the Seth books.

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2. What kind of an impact did they have on you?

My study with Seth has led to a spiritual growth and understanding that has positively affected every corner of my life. In addition to creating fulfillment in my physical life, (successful businesses, love & family, friendships, health, happiness) it has led to inner exploration, out of body experiences, lucid dreams etc, which have vastly increased my comprehension of myself, our multi-dimensional universe and the greater purpose of human existence.

3. What kind of impact did they have on the world?

Many people feel that the Seth material literally launched the so called “New Age” philosophical movement and his teachings were incorporated by many New Age authors and teachers. Seth coined the now familiar phrase “you create your own reality”. Many of the 32 books dictated by Seth through Jane Roberts (plus 9 related books by Jane Roberts) have been translated into multiple languages and have rippled out to affect people throughout the globe. For example, sales of the Seth books in Mandarin are currently growing at a fast pace. The recently formed Seth Educational Foundation in Taiwan is headed up by a respected MD/Psychiatrist who runs a Seth Clinic for treating physical and mental disease. Seth’s work has withstood the test of time and is arguably still the most comprehensive and advanced body of work on human potential, spiritual growth and the now popular concept of “the law of attraction”.

4. Why do Seth and Jane Roberts still resonate with millions of readers even after she’s been gone for over 25 years?

Many Seth readers say that when they pick up their first Seth book, it strikes a tone of truth within them that they have never seen described in so clear a fashion, and yet they have sensed this knowledge all their lives. Seth is not a guru, his books teach that each person is an important part of the universe and has access to the same knowledge that he possesses. No one can hand you that knowledge, but Seth’s works help point the way.

5. Do people need to believe in psychic phenomena to benefit from Seth’s message?

I think an individual who doesn’t believe in psychic phenomena could benefit from reading Seth’s books. Yet, the existence of so called “psychic abilities” in human beings is now a matter of scientific record. Such things as ESP, precognition, DMIL (Direct Mental Influence of Living Systems) have been extensively demonstrated in laboratories throughout the world. Those that are not ready for this information may not be ready for Seth.

6. One of Seth’s most famous remarks is “We can change our reality.” How can we?

You get what you concentrate upon. You create your reality in accordance with your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, imagination and expectation. You change your reality by learning how to change these. Seth says “All you have to do is realize that you are free, that you form reality as you know it, through your most intimate desires and thoughts and fears. You change the exterior circumstances by changing your thoughts, and your desires, and by forgetting your fears. There is no other way. There has never been another way.”

7. You teach that Seth can help us break free from stubborn cultural limiting beliefs. How?

The how is in the 32 Seth books! Here is a nutshell explanation. You learn to recognize the limiting beliefs and how to replace them with (far) more constructive and life-giving beliefs. You learn how to “trigger” higher states of consciousness which allow you to step out of the old framework of stubborn cultural limiting beliefs, and into the new way of seeing through the old beliefs.

8. What is the greatest benefit in following the teachings of Seth?

I can’t choose which one’s the greatest, but here are some choices…exuberant health, spiritual illumination, deeper veins of love, abundance, fulfillment, and safety in all areas.

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9. In addition to teaching about Seth, you are a dream and Out of Body Experience expert. Why do you believe dreams are the doorway to inner knowledge and power?

There are many examples of scientists, composers, inventors and authors, who received inspiration in the dream state. Many philosophies throughout history teach the value of the dream state. But aside from my studies, my belief in the value of dreams and out of body experiences is based on my experience of the direct comprehension and practical applications I received from working with my own dreams and inner reality.

10. You show students how to tune into “higher” states of consciousness and move to a more expansive and empowering way of life. Can you elaborate?

Throughout the body of the Seth material, he discusses a major step in our growth, which involves moving out of the “official line of consciousness”- the conventional framework of viewing reality. Seth encourages us to take steps that lead to a new birth of consciousness, a new far more effective and far more expansive mode of operation, that he has alternately described as the “higher intellect,” an “expansion of identity,” or “the spacious mind.” For those interested we have an introduction to Seth website with free audio at www.sethlearningcenter.org, an educational site at www.sethinstitute.org, and The Seth Bookstore and Audio collection at www.sethcenter.com. Contact Rick Stack at