August Rush movie review

August RushAugust Rush is about an eleven year old orphan and music prodigy who is trying to find his parents by “listening to the music”. It stars Robin Williams and Keri Russell. One of the fundamental questions that this movie asks is where does the music come from. The musical prodigy does not believe that he creates the music, but that it just comes to him. All he is doing is listening for it and rewriting it.

This raises some very spiritual questions. For example, Where does the capacity to appreciate music come from? Where does beauty originate? Additionally, many great musicians, similar to the prodigy in the movie, say that they are not the ones who create their lyrics and musical compositions because the music just “comes to them”. Where is the music coming from? Who or what is creating the music?

The “music” may also be symbolic for any source of inspiration in our life such as the capacity to experience love, follow a dream, or create beauty. This movie reminds us that the “music” is always playing. All we need to do is listen.

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