Nicholas Sparks (Notebook Author) sells TV show about an Archangel to ABC

Nicholas Sparks (Notebook Author) recently sold a TV show, Watchers, to ABC about an Archangel. The description from Hollywood Reporter yesterday says:

“The project revolves around the Archangel Raphael, who after spending centuries as a Watcher and invisibly providing support to humans in the time of need, decides to cut off his wings out of love for Sarah, a mortal woman, so that he can truly be with her for the rest of her days.  When Sarah’s life is cut short, Rafe is left to wander the Earth solo as a fallen angel. Dependent on the kindness of strangers and hunted by angels from above and below, Rafe travels undercover, performing miracles as he searches for the meaning of loss and clues to Sarah’s fate”

It kind of reminds me of City of Angels, which I thought was really inspiring…

You can read the whole article on Hollywood Reporter by clicking here.