Debunking the Passion Myth

It takes a lot of courage to make a movie, write a book or engage in any creative endeavor. From a practical standpoint, there is often a concern about whether you might be wasting your time or bypassing an opportunity to make money in a more stable line of work.

However, there is a study that debunks the myth that following your passion is a financially foolish decision to make.

In the Attractor Factor, Dr. Joe Vitale cites a study where a group of 1500 people were given the option of joining two groups. Group A was a group of people who were going to pick a career they believed was going to be a practical way to make a lot of money and then they were going to follow their passions after they made enough money. 1255 people joined Group A. Group B was a group of people who were going to pick a career that they were interested in and passionate about and just trust that the money would come. Only 245 people joined Group B.

20 years later there were 101 millionaires out of the 1500 people who signed up for the study. 100 of the millionaires came from group B, the group of people who followed their passions and just trusted that the money would come. Only 1 out of the 1255 people who picked a career because they believed it was a practical way to make a living actually became a millionaire.

This study shows that you do not need to have a plan or know how you are going to make money by following your passion. All you need to do is to follow your passion. Remember the great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said,

I have a dream! . . .”

He did not say:

“I have a plan.”

First comes the dream and then the dollars will follow. If there is an idea inside of you for a movie, book, song or TV show,then go after it and enjoy the ride 😀 .