Cover Girl Culture: Awakening The Media Generation

Nicole ClarkCover Girl Culture: Awakening The Media Generation is a feature length documentary film. From posing in pages of magazines to exposing magazines comes documentary filmmaker Nicole Clark (pictured on the left). A former Elite International fashion model turned champion for young girls and their self-esteem, Nicole gets in the face of the media and advertisers calling for responsible media for our youth.

Cover Girl Culture explores how the worlds of fashion, modeling, advertising and celebrity impact our teens and young women. Who sets today’s standards for beauty and how are these standards affecting individuals and society? Who is responsible? Are there ways this can be changed? If so, who can/will change it?

Through intimate interviews with top agents, designers, models, fashion editors from major NY magazines and many more, Cover Girl Culture offers SOLUTIONS to these difficult issues.

Aliya Appelbaum, a 15 year-old offered her thoughts about the film when she said,

“Cover Girl Culture exemplified my feelings and fears about the media, and how the outside culture of television and advertisement affects my life. The movie made me realize how much i allow our current day culture to influence my life, making me want to “step outside the box.” Cover Girl Culture was a moving movie and I think every teenager should experience a movie pertaining to this topic, to show how the media alters our perception of beauty, and that everyone is special in their “own way.””