Metaphysia Movie

This article is a Guest Post contributed by Christopher Pinckley, author of Reality Creation 101.

The Human Potential

Coming soon to theatres near you!

There is a new movie coming out which is primarily concerned with the emerging consciousness on our planet called, “Metaphysia”-which you can see at The producer Sean is a caring, down to Earth guy, who is very much in touch with the human condition. His goal is to provide a new perspective on the changes in the Earth and its people from the every day perspective of man on a journey of discovery.

In this movie you can expect to see super stars like David Wilcox and Michael Beckwith add their commentary to emerging consciousness and the planet as it comes through this radical shift in awareness. I’m not exactly sure when it’s coming out, but my feeling is that Sean is aiming for some time this year.

How I met Sean

Well, for those of you who don’t know me, I am a spiritual author, blogger, and speaker. My focus centers around the difficulties that people can have overcoming inner hurdles, obstacles, emotional blockages, and belief systems on their road to personal empowerment. The reason I am passionate about this aspect of the spiritual journey is because of my own tremendous obstacles that I was forced to overcome; indeed, this is why some people feel that I am good at what I do. How could I possibly help someone if I hadn’t been through it myself? Thus it is my belief that one must walk the path first before they can truly be a benefit to mankind, themselves.

It was while walking the path that I met Sean. At the time, I was in a bit of a lull, so to speak. Things were not going badly; it’s just that they weren’t really progressing either. I was only half way finished with my first book “Reality Creation 101”, and was looking for my next motivation and inspiration. My personal training career was fine, but I needed something else, a spark to ignite me (I am now a full time professional writer/speaker).

Ask and it is Given, Indeed it is!

So, I was pacing around my apartment and the thought came to me to browse through my book selection. I found one of my favorite books, “Ask and it Is Given” by Abraham/Hicks and cracked it open to a random page. I read a couple pages and began getting excited, thinking about the possibilities. I wanted to manifest something, but what??? I started pacing around again, but this time with excitement and enthusiasm, less anxiety and neuroticism. Then it hit me, “I want to be on a metaphysical talk show or movie!” It didn’t matter that there had never really been a metaphysical talk show or that I didn’t know about anyone filming a metaphysical movie, I was excited-and that was all that mattered!

So, I pulled out a piece of paper and wrote down the following: “I want to be on a metaphysical talk show or movie!” Then, I folded the piece of paper, put it away, and visualized myself really, really excited and pumped up about being on a show or movie. I only spent a minute super charging it, then put away the paper and went about my day.

Three days later I was in Santa Clara at a convention with Sean and three of his crew as they filmed me for my interview spot on his movie “Metaphysia”.

Now, I could tell you the in between steps to this process, but that would detract from the message here. It’s too easy for people to intellectualize or rationalize something when you give them all the ‘facts’, if you will. This is a magical process that is metaphysical in nature, but not super natural. My meaning is that anyone can train themselves to do this, over and over again.

The Power of Being Human

You see, human beings are so much more powerful than they care to admit or believe. Who would you be if you were given the sudden awareness that you were really a super hero in hiding? What if you couldn’t complain about not having enough money, time, or energy because you had the sudden awareness of an infinite power supply within yourself? It’s a double edged sword to be sure because this means that you can’t blame anyone else for anything, or complain about anything anymore. Oh sure, I have blamed other people for things and I have complained about many things over the years too. However, I have also been given the awareness of something powerful, limitless, and radiant that exists within each of us. This is the power of being human, the power that every single person on the planet has access to.

It is my personal belief and philosophy that there is no end to resources, time, and energy. I do not believe these things to be finite; rather I believe that there is a limitless abundance that exists for every single person on the planet. Further, I believe that the way to access this limitlessness is from within. Can you imagine what our world would look like if every single person woke up to their own inner power? To me this would denote an end to all suffering, pain, poverty, hunger, famine, disease, war, and hate. How can you resent another person for having something when you, yourself, have everything that you could possibly want, desire, or need? When a human being is fully empowered they no longer have a reason to feel any negative emotions towards themselves or anyone else.

That is why I believe that there is only one true answer, which is helping people to remember who they are ☺

This article is a Guest Post contributed by Christopher Pinckley, author of Reality Creation 101. For more information on Christopher, please visit his web site at .