A Reaction to “Does God Have a Future?” TV debate

The article below is a Guest Post written by Pauline Laumans, author of inspirational books for Alive Living. It is a reaction to the “Does God Have a Future?” televised debate hosted by ABC News.

I agree with the fact that “believing” is a cover up for insecurity. God is a metaphor created by man, as man is in need of a symbol to express his feelings and ideas. God is a metaphor to influence and control others and it attempts to explain our existence. God does not exist in the form of a person.

God exists if we learn to perceive God as the all around presence of elements. Elements that merge, fall apart and merge in another order etc. It is the transformation of the material into the non-material and vice versa. Non-material is about thoughts, ideas and actions.

Once all life was able to communicate from our nakedness. We were then able to communicate from our Essence to the Essence of the other. A form of Intuition. When man created God we started to lose this kind of communication. We forgot to feel the effects of the interchange of elements. Nowadays we allow mental or ego issues to interfere or let a person in hierarchy decide for us. For instance in the past smell was an important instrument to choose the right genes in order to make a higher connection (quantum physics). Nowadays we seem to forget about this and let our mind, wealth or standing decide if we relate with that person.

We covered up our nakedness with fear as we do not like the unknown; the next merging of elements not yet experienced. In our book we tell the story of the “Golden Humans” as they understood the process of Nature and therefore good quit the vicious circle on earth and go to another dimension as they knew how to balance. Each of us has to walk this evolving path of evolution in order to understand the concept of Nature. On Earth just part of that concept is explained. Now at the crossroad of large vicious circles some are able to make this big jump with our elements in order to create on another level into a new era.

To understand the paradox of God we do not need to be mentally trained or have scientific credentials. It is about inner experiences and gained wisdom during the years and practice these in daily life. Understanding Life or God is about living according this understanding the experience in order to return to our Essence, nakedness. Undo yourself of believing – and mental veils. Become the naked you, become your naked true Self as a concept of the elements of the nature.

The mental or believe conception blocks these jumping elements and makes us remain wandering in vicious circles on earth for era’s, not able to quit them and ascend. Quantum Physics is at present a port way to understand this as is Intuition. Intuition precedes sciences. When we internalize reality (Essence) we understand all other Essences and all issues at stake in our society. Transform believing into knowing.

This post was written by Pauline Laumans, author of inspirational books for Alive Living. For more information on Pauline Laumans, please visit www.linkedin.com/in/paulinelaumans.