1. What a cute and fun movie. It made me smile. We all need that kind of validation that accepts everyone for who we are. Thanks Matt. I will pass this one on 🙂

  2. Matt Welsh says:

    Thanks Phyllis…Glad you like it! I liked it too.

  3. KatjaL says:

    It’s a wonderful life

    The most obvious message in this movie is of course that we humans so desperately need each others validation, as our self confidence got lost somewhere in the course of life.

    This film also shows how susceptible we – generally speaking – are to the ruling emotion around us: If we are told that by default smiling is forbidden, we do not even doubt this “rule” and just submit! The film also indicates that even the most positive people can collapse when confronted with their own (presumed) failures. Obviously convinced that he has failed Victoria, unknowingly and merely by remaining positive and by following his heart-induced directions, our protagonist has created both their happiness, personally and mutually.

    We can all be living examples to others of what living a wonderful life is all about, if we give it a chance and be true to our own Self. Being true to one’s own self is to sail our own course, while answering to the tugging of our own heart. No matter if the whole world is trying to convince us that the opposite is the default way to be, we keep on keeping on, stubbornly refusing to give in to pessimism and negativity. This movie is one of the wake-up calls we get in life. Awakening – to my idea – means that suddenly you are capable of seeing life from a different angle, because your consciousness is now susceptible to different impulses.

    This movie was speaking directly to my heart, beautiful, I could not keep it dry…. Thanks for sharing it with us Matt.


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