Bill Harris on the role of the unconscious and the law of attraction

      Over the past couple years, the law of attraction has generated its share of critics and fans – in part because the results that people have experienced are so varied.  Some people have used it to create health, wealth and happiness.  Other people have just seen more frustration, pain and suffering.  A lot has been written on why people get such drastically different results.

      One factor that is not always talked about is the role the unconscious plays in attracting circumstances, events and people in our life.  If one believes in karma, then the unconscious can include everything from the positive impact of an act of kindness to the inheritance of negative karma that we created in the distant past.  Just being open to this possible explanation of the effect our unconscious can play may help take the edge off of unpleasant circumstances. 

       If we can view undesired outcomes as an opportunity to undo negative karma, then frustrating events turn into possibilities for us to progress spiritually; and instead of being in a state of anger, frustration and bitterness, we can move into a state of acceptance, awareness and compassion for ourself, others and life in general.  The result of developing this mindset is that not only are we more likely to be at peace internally in the midst of unpleasant external circumstances, but we are able to take much more effective, decisive and inspired actions to attract our desired results.

       In the video clip below, Bill Harris offers his explanation on the unconscious and tools we can use to overcome its blocks.



  1. Brigit says:

    In the film Ambition to Meaning Wayne Dyer says “You attract what you are.” I think what Bill Harris says in this clip is very valid. I have become peaceful over the last year, and so has my existence. I vaciliate in and out of happiness, but I’m getting there. Wealth will be an interesting one.

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