John Assarf on Larry King discussing vision boards

     The clip below shows John Assarf and other teachers from The Secret on Larry King talking about vision boards.  John Assarf’s story is interesting because he mentions that what he put on his vision board took about five years to show up in his life.  Now, that seems like a long time, but it also seems well worth the wait since it was his dream home that he was trying to manifest.  The waiting is often the most difficult component of going after what you want.  However, I believe it is also the most important time period because it is during this critical juncture that we become the person we need to become by developing the necessary qualities, knowledge and skills in order to attract the type of life we want to live.



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    I do wonder about “bringing things to us” vs just luck or timing or…etc. But, I also know that once you focus on something it allows for pathways to open up, maybe just by the very act of making it happen. The best thing I reveived from ideas behind books like The Secret, etc, is the gratitude part – being thankful for what we do have instead of always feeling want for what we do not!

  2. Matt Welsh says:

    Yeah, I often wonder how much influence our thoughts have on “bringing things to us.” Can our thoughts really attract people, events and circumstances into our life or is it that when we think ‘positively’, we are more likely to take actions that produce positive results because we are acting from a state of confidence or is it a combination ?…

  3. Great video. The power of dreams is what life is all about. When we know what we want we figure out a way to get there.

    I’ve been working on my dream to own my own company. Every day I work on my blog, network, and research to get closer to that goal. It’s a beautiful struggle and I thank the universe every day for allowing me to build toward my goals.

  4. I only have one dream; to be happy, and I am working on it every day.
    I don’t know about dream boards. I have never tried it. I say what ever it works – I wouldn’t think it would hurt.

  5. Matt Welsh says:

    @ Karl – I like that phrase – “beautiful struggle”. I think the power of dreams is not just in fulfilling them, but in what we learn and who we become during the journey

    @BuddhaofHollywood – I think dream boards are helpful reminders of what is important to us

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