Deepak Chopra goes on Bill O’Reilly to talk about peaceful solutions to terrorism

      Last night Deepak Chopra and his son Gotham went on the Bill O’Reilly show to answer questions about Deepak’s recent comments regarding terrorism.  Terrorism is a very personal issue for Deepak because his family was killed in the India-Pakistan Partition.  O’Reilly remained respectful during the interview pointing out that Deepak is not anti-American, as some media personalities have falsely accused him of being lately by making personal attacks.

      However, O’Reilly did ask tough questions and remarked that Deepak’s views on terrorism were naive, which prompted Deepak to respond that O’Reilly’s views were naive.  The conversation got a little heated when O’Reilly said that 29 people from his neighborhood were killed in the 9/11 attacks and that banishing the phrase ‘War of Terror’ as Deepak has suggested would not go over well with them.  He also asked if Deepak would be in favor of using enhanced interrogation methods if his son, Gotham, was attacked.  Deepak said he would not and explained that treating the symptom of a problem like terrorism does not eliminate the origin and root cause.

     The interview is lively, informative and fun.  Both O’Reilly and Chopra want what is best for the world – peace.  However they have divergent ideas on how to accomplish this.