Dr. Bruce Lipton interview on The Biology of Belief

      Epiphany Talk Show is an online radio station hosted by spiritual intuitive Deidre Howard that covers a wide range of spiritual topics with some of today’s top doctors, authors and visionaries.  Some of the topics they discuss include anthropology, hidden truths, aging, angels, God, law of attraction, Spiritual Guides, healing, 11:11, the Bible, 2012, energy, peace and much more.

      This past week, host Diedre Howard interviewed Dr. Bruce Lipton about how our beliefs impact our physical bodies.  Dr. Bruce Lipton has a Ph.D. from the University of Virginia, was a professor at Stanford and is the author of the Biology of Belief.  After teaching medical students at Stanford how our cells work, Dr. Lipton began to question the traditional notion that our genes control our traits and behavior.  He cited a study on the placebo effect that shows our beliefs and expectations can determine our physical traits, behavior and ability to heal.

      For example, Dr. Bruce Moseley conducted a ‘fake’ surgery on patients who wanted to get arthoscopic knee surgery.  The doctor made an incision in the placebo patients’ knee three times with a scapel to make it feel like a real surgery and leave a scar.  However, he did not conduct the actual arthoscopic knee surgery.  He just told the patients he performed an arthoscopic knee surgery.  The result was that six months later, the placebo patients had much less pain, no complaints about the operation and some were able top play basketball again.  This study shows that the patients’ expectations and beliefs that they were going be healed caused the healing, not the surgery itself.

      You can listen to Deidre Howard’s interviews with other experts on Epiphany Talk Show.  Below is another interview with Dr. Bruce Lipton on The Biology of Belief.