American Idol’s Simon says “Angels” is best song choice

On Tuesday night, the contestants on American Idol sang inspirational songs.  David Archuleta picked a song titled “Angels”, which Simon Cowell proclaimed was the best song choice of the night.  The first line of “Angels”, is

“I sit and wait.  Does an Angel contemplate my fate?” 

It’s interesting that Simon who is known for being very critical of contestants acknowledged that “Angels” was the best song choice of the night. 

This song raises some interesting question about what role Angels may play in our life.  Archangel Gabriel is likely the most well known Angel.  It was Gabriel who was responsible for giving Mary the message about the coming of Jesus.  If a person is open to the possibility that this story is based on truth and Gabriel delivered a message to Mary, then might it also be possible that Angels are capable of giving us guidance today?  For example, why would the Angels be active in people’s lives 2000 years ago, but remain silent now.  Our world today faces just as difficult of problems than any time in history.  So, it appears that these same Angels may be just as likely to offer us guidance and support.  Although their exsistence will never be proven, the sense of peace and direction that some people have reported experiencing will remain very real and powerful.