A Reason To Carry On: The meaning of life is within each of us to grasp

A Reason To Carry On: The meaning of life is within each of us to grasp

By Vony Eichel / www.areasontocarryon.com

Little inflames the senses like the drama played out in a Crown Court as the atmosphere 

becomes intense, supercharged with electricity, the moment of truth, the lip biting, 

pulsating bodies packed into the court room vibrate, escalate to a crescendo, eagerly 

awaiting the verdict on another man’s fate.  The young man standing in the dock had done 

some nasty things, he robbed a store and inflicted grievous bodily harm on the victims. 

The intensity heightens as the guards move closer to the defendant, the blood 

pressure of everyone in the court shoots up.

I can’t believe that same person was me, the angry onlooker wanting the Judge to lock up that hoodlum for a long time and throw away the key. How my perceptions and emotions changed, when I got to know people very much like the man waiting to hear his fate. It was only when I began to work with psychiatric ex-offenders and others whom life had not treated that gently, that my eyes and heart opened to the human side of these poor souls, their motivations, and the root of their behaving.  They were raw, real people without the mask we wear in polite society in our everyday worlds. 

Despite years of reading volumes of books on spirituality, following gurus, chanting 

 “Open my heart”, I deluded myself into believing I knew something about people 

and life. Everything I previously felt about them was wrong. Nothing actually opened up 

my soul as actually tasting a few morsels of their lives. I judged others before I stood 

in their shoes. Dancing in the shoes of people from extreme corners of society, changed 

me as a person.  

Even then, I still fooled myself into believing I could change lives and save a violent psychopath from his own demons.  My task was to motivate, even the most severely mentally, emotionally, and physically disabled with music and exercise and through my success and failures became an observer, putting names and faces to syndromes in textbooks.   I only began to understand, the psychological and spiritual influences and tried to make sense of often, apparently pitiful lives, giving my best, and thereby, got a glimpse of that hidden light.

Henry walked with a swagger; he tried to come across as superior. It was a cover up for 

deep insecurity.  He was detached from his body, insecure and all alone.  He wasn’t 

aware there was anything else but his simple existence of pain, anger, fear and violence. 

He only felt worthy when he had money in his pocket and a car. When I met him, he had 

recently come out of prison and had nothing. 

There was no one around with whom he could talk.  His life wasn’t working, he was 

in perpetual conflict with his environment and surroundings. He wasn’t prepared to, 

or able to, just step back, wait, and listen to that small inner voice. He couldn’t accept 

the concept of switching off, doing nothing, staying open, and wait for the answers 

to come. 

He could play the game for a little while; I wasn’t the first naïve do-gooder he knew 

how to manipulate, to cater to his needs and try to help him.  In his thirties, he could

neither read nor write.  He was one of the many who wasted their childhood in 

basic elementary education and came away with nothing.  

Yet he wasn’t unintelligent or unaware, and I enjoyed listening to him talk about his life. 

He told me how he laid on the ground in front of a pub, and someone put out their hand to 

help him up. He became philosophical, he questioned the point of carrying on. He related 

how he gets up, just to fall again. He couldn’t see the point.  His solution was to 

drug out the pain until it was all over.  

How do I, an exercise therapist, enter this equation. Movement, body, dance, exercise 

with music are the vehicles that can transport us to the higher dimensions.  

It is there, we touch that inner being and enter the realms and dimension outside 

of ourselves, our joy, our inner self; our very own evidence that there is something greater 

than ourselves to reach out to.  

For a while I was succeeding; he was more agreeable, helping others, seeking to better 

himself.  I went on holiday for two weeks and I returned to a monster; he was out of control. 

I was warned by his psychiatrist to remove myself from what could be a very dangerous situation.

Many events in my life made me often wonder why I exist, but Henry compelled me to try to 

seek the purpose of life.  I do believe, we are each personally responsible for creating 

purpose and meaning in our own lives, but not everyone is able to.  I believe, to some 

extent, we are predestined prior to our birth and there are many things we don’t and 

aren’t supposed to know.  It’s been said that faith moves mountains and to believe in 

something you can’t hear or see is a real test.

The World Wars and Holocaust and fighting in the Ukraine, challenged a lot of belief 

systems, making it more difficult to believe that there was a greater power, and we 

just don’t exist in a vacuum. However, just as Eve, was put into the Garden of Eden, 

and made her choice, people were put on this earth, and it is the human condition 

responsible for those horrors, not the Universe or a greater power than ourselves. 

In my family two cousins not just resemble each other but have countless mannerisms. 

Add to the equation many studies of twins, separated at birth, oblivious to the others 

existence, given the same names, married and divorced women with the same name, 

as well as their dogs. They had the same hobbies, went to the same beach on holiday, 

weighed the same, were both romantics, anxious sleepers, bit their nails, 

ground their teeth, etc., etc.  I had to accept that there is something 

greater than we can see, even more than genetics. It’s a fact from conception, 

children are stamped with their behavioural makeup and 50 percent of their personality. 

Life isn’t fair when half the population of prisoners suffer from mental disorders and 

by law, psychopaths are responsible for their acts, but can’t be treated successfully. 

Many people can find themselves on the autistic spectrum, a form of mind-blindness 

an inability to intuit from verbal or social cues. Ballet is my passion and I have attended 

classes for almost half a century, but I finally accepted I have a sequencing disorder 

and could never follow without copying someone else, no matter how hard I try, along side 

my attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder. Then comes nature and nurture. If you 

were brought up in a violent family or were abused as a child, is it surprising when history 

repeats itself?


Like Coleridge’s  Ancient Mariner, whose redemption came through abandoning his 

negative views to openly accept all God’s creatures, compelled to relate his tale to 

the Wedding Guest who, “went like one that hath been stunned, and is of sense forlorn, 

A sadder and a wiser man, I rose the morrow morn”.

A reason to Carry on by by Vony Eichel  is available from www.areasontocarryon.com and from wherever books are sold.

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