Excerpt from The Dahliana on Verity, Beauty, Eloquence, Patience, and Wandering

By Brandon E. Simmons

‘The Dahliana’ is a 216-chapter collection of 128-character-space aphorisms that depict a spiritual life philosophy based on the idea that, “To know Beauty is to know thyself.”

“The Dahliana illuminates a Beautiful life philosophy in measured verse; a nourishing message of love and hope for all humankind.”

The book is available at www.thedahliana.com in hard cover and ebook formats.

‘The Dahliana’ may be challenging, and its backstory provocative, but I feel it is an important contribution toward the progress of humanity and the restoration of our planet. I believe your readership will find great value in what this collection of wisdom has to share.

I have included below an excerpt from the book below…

3.5 Verses of Verity

3.5.1 Truth is the language of the universe, with Beauty its
conduit. Truth from Beauty is always simple and in agreement
with nature.

3.5.2 The conception of truth is invariably self-evident; an
insight into the intricacies that compose the arrant harmony of

3.5.3 Truth is gained from living in the minute; a dispatch of
preoccupation with past and future, and release of rigidity and

3.5.4 Truth cannot be merely pursued and obtained from without,
but must be ascertained within, for only by self shall truth be

3.5.5 The outlook of instinct is an image of fear. Solely with
the overstep of suffering is truth unveiled; a look at what lies

3.5.6 Revelation of truth is the expression of Beauty; an
edification of actuality that permits an acumen of wisdom and

3.5.7 In translation of Beauty, the aware find there to be no
disparity of paradox between the notions of ultimate and relative

3.5.8 Truth is neither black-and-white nor gray, rather it is
the lucid spectrum of Beauty; the sublime colors of a brilliant

3.6 Verses of Eloquence

3.6.1 Eloquence is the tone with which the import of Beauty is
portrayed. Beauty is spoken softly; a vibrant petal in a summer

3.6.2 The dialect of Beauty is a manifestation of heart; the fluidity
of abounding grace through the continuum of commiserative

3.6.3 Eloquence imparts in a modest and openhanded manner;
with a gentleness in bearing that elicits the embracement of they
who hear.

3.6.4 Eloquence is poetry from the soul, and as one’s mind is
liberated from the chains of illusion, a message of freedom may

3.6.5 The fruitfulness of Beauty is a fundamental principle of the
eloquent life. As plants sprout from seed, so Beauty begets

3.6.6 It is fear and pride that hamper the eloquence of speech;
limiting the growth of humankind, and impeding the evolution of

3.6.7 The talent of eloquence is earned on the travel of self-reformation;
the articulation of Beauty relaying proclamations of

3.6.8 To sing the hymns of Beauty is to typify love, and from this
eloquence shall dawn a world of unity; the elegant age of

3.7 Verses of Patience

3.7.1 The venture for self-resurrection is an exercise of
attention and care, with only the patient grasping the depths of

3.7.2 Patience is knowing acceptance and calm in difficult trial;
sustaining perseverance when it seems that little is being

3.7.3 Patience shows prudence by not reacting in pushiness or
haste; responding with aplomb rather than giving in to the rush of

3.7.4 Patience is an aspect of surrender; those who yield finding
that as they open themselves unto life, so will life open unto

3.7.5 Patience holds trust in empyreal direction; the belief that
all will work within its due time for those who have chosen to

3.7.6 Patience eases the course of resurgence by being receptive
to adversity; withholding judgment from how events come to

3.7.7 Patience stays placid through chaos; comprehending that it
is from facing plights of uncertainty that needed change is

3.7.8 Even while ascending a path’s most ambiguous heights, the
wise valiantly heed patience as they celebrate every moment of

3.8 Verses of Wandering

3.8.1 To wander earth compassionately and spiritually aware is
the most fulfilling of journeys; an exploration of imagination and

3.8.2 In wandering, every encounter is sacred, and from this view
comes revival of self; each move a step in the voyage of

3.8.3 The espial of Beauty demands an absence of habit; an
innocent perspective that can distinguish the authentic texture of

3.8.4 Blessed are the wanderers, those humbled by ubiquitous
mystery; firm in courage, and willing to risk on their heroic

3.8.5 Wandering is the most revelatory of ways; an expedition of
illumination. To meander is to be childlike in admiration of the

3.8.6 A wise wanderer pursues a road of novel scene; advancing
in Beauty, observing in love, reflecting in peace, and arriving in

3.8.7 Travel is a useful school of development, for in wide
wandering may one open the heart; gleaning gifts of empathy and

3.8.8 To wander in curiosity and amazement is to expose the
phenomenal; to be enamored by Beauty while witnessing the
miracle of life.