Life Coaching

Throughout my life, I have been committed to following my callings and dreams. This has not always taken me on a straightforward or easy path in my career, relationships, or spiritual journey. However, it has provided my life with meaning, adventure, and peace.

Initially, I began my professional career as a lawyer. Studying and practicing in the field of law helped me develop critical thinking skills and an understanding of how to navigate the practical challenges of life. However, working as a lawyer also made me realize I wanted to help people on a more personal, emotional, and psychological level so they could be effective before they need a lawyer. So, at the age of 29, I quit my job as a family law attorney and went back to school to get a Ph.D. in Psychology. I now work as an Evanston psychologist licensed in Illinois and Kansas and as a life coach. I also work as a licensed clinical psychologist at a Veterans Affairs hospital providing psychotherapy to Veterans with PTSD, addictions, depression, and serious mental illness.

As a lifetime student, I am dedicated to learning. I want to learn more about you and help you get to where you want to be. I want to learn what is in your heart, mind, soul, and emotions and help you express these parts of yourself in a meaningful and real way. This may take the form of helping you in the following ways:

– Find a career that is aligned with your values, interests, strengths, or deepest desires.

– Better understand your personality characteristics so you can find a compatible romantic partner.

– Enhance the quality of current relationships by improving conflict management skills, communicating your wants and needs with greater clarity, establishing better boundaries, or work through any possible codependency issues.

– Better manage practical challenges and difficult transitions in life (divorce, job loss, or death of a loved one) so that you can move through them with greater ease, purpose, and strength.

– Work through past trauma, addictive behaviors, anger, depression and anxiety.

– Overcome mental blocks that may be inhibiting your ability to publish your book, develop a creative project, or create a platform or website to reach a larger audience.

On a deeper level, my hope is that the work we do together helps you live a life that is more aligned with your most authentic self and leads to deeper levels of self-acceptance and peace. I know this is not an easy process, but it is worth the effort. When I worked as a lawyer, I questioned why I was experiencing so much confusion, struggle, and anxiety. My goal is to use what I have learned through my education and life experiences to help you overcome whatever obstacles are on your path.

I offer life coaching sessions via Skype, Zoom, or telephone. I charge $100 for an hour long session. To schedule your initial life coaching session, please send an email with Life Coaching in the subject line to , click the book now button above, or call me at (847) 316-0218.

“Matt – you provide a valuable gift to those who are unsure about whether or not they can follow their hearts…. especially those people in more logical / technical fields like law, computers, etc, where intuition and feelings are often disregarded or disowned.”
-Chris Cade
Creator of
Author of Think Without the Box® –
Stories For Spiritual Transformation
“Matt, you are a master of re-invention… where few have the courage to step into the unknown, you thrive on meeting your true self in every experience. Congratulations! xoF”
-Farhana Dhalla
Author of Thank You for Leaving Me
“Your work is a true service to the world.”
-Jessica Maxwell
Author of Roll Around Heaven,
Nautilus Book Awards Gold Winner
Previous Nautilus Gold Medal winners include the
Dalai Lama, Thich Nhat Hanh, and Deepak Chopra
"Dr. Matthew Welsh is a dynamic, kind, brilliant and talented clinician, and coach. Over the years I have worked with many talented leaders, and Dr. Welsh is exceptional. He listens with his heart, he sees people for who they are, even when they cannot see themselves. His perspectives are unique and his gifts are profound. It is an absolute pleasure to work with such a soul centered individual who leaves the world a better place than how he found it through every interaction."
- Dr. Mandy Simon
Creator of Finding Your Holy Grail
"What important work you are doing. You are doing so much to heal suffering and spread wisdom. That is wonderful."
- John Viscount
Author of The Mind Supplement, Co-Founder of, Co-creator of the film, The Principle.
"Thank you so much for dedicating yourself to your spiritual calling in supporting all of those who are seeking clarity, and guidance in their own personal and spiritual growth/evolution. You are making a major difference in the lives of many souls."
Lelon Thompson
Lelon Thompson
Spiritual Counselor/Medium Regression Therapist