Sacred Encounters Amidst the Everyday and Ordinary

By SIMRAN — Based on the work within the new book, SIGNS: Sacred Encounters With Pathways, Turning Points and Divine Guideposts

     Have you ever asked for a ‘sign’? Was it during a time of challenge, confusion or questions? If your life is not working for you, or is not entirely the experience you desire, then allow yourself to look at the world in a different way. Things are not as they seem. There are deeper messages in the fabric of life. As you dive into the warp and woof of reality, you will see how interconnected the threads are, which tie each one of us and everything around us together. 

     What if you are receiving signs all of the time? Sacred encounters are everywhere, in some of the most ordinary things. Imagine, signs may appear to point toward a specific pathway to follow. Perhaps, certain signs serve as turning points, offering a new direction, relationship or opportunity in your life. Is it possible that there are sprinklings of divine guideposts appearing when you most need them? 

     Life is intended to be magical, playful, and creative. We are here to be children, full of curiosity, wonder, and excitement. The Universe is never going to let us lose sight of that. It is constantly guiding us, sending messages, and having a dialogue. Each and every step, you are not on a journey, you are the journey. You are not in the world; you are every piece and part of the world. You are experience experiencing itself. Let me show you how this works with something as ordinary as a vehicle.

Proof That We Are Not Alone or Separate

    As I moved through the past nine years of my life, I find that signs, symbols, and synchronicities are anything but random occurrences. They appear in a constant flow throughout the day, speaking paragraphs to each person. In desiring to illustrate this philosophy by example, I decided to embark on an adventure around the country, where I only followed the signs. This magical journey was known as ‘The Rebel Road Tour.’ Over the course of eleven months, there were hundreds of illustrations along the way that clearly show how connected we are to everything. 

     Upon leaving South Carolina, in September 2013, we stopped for gas about two hours into the journey. The RV would not start when it was time to leave, and we had to get help. Finally, a trucker at the stop was able to jumpstart us and we were on our way. We arrived in Fayetteville, NC and spent the night. This was our stop on the way to Washington DC where my first event was to take place. 

     The next morning, we attempted to embark and the RV wouldn’t crank up. Eventually a tow truck arrived and we were taken to a nearby ‘service’ station. As the mechanic tinkered around with the RV, other mechanics gathered wanting to know what ’The Rebel Road’ stood for. I explained that we each have a unique genius hidden inside and if we follow that spark, we express our individual piece of the Divine puzzle. We each hold a necessary space waiting to be placed. In following the heart’s passion, we will naturally be inspired with the answers for the ‘problems’ in the world. This is the expression of individuality and Oneness in harmony.

     Upon completing the dialogue, the RV was fixed. The solenoid had to be replaced. The solenoid is a communication device that sits between the ignition and the engine, allowing the message that a key has been inserted and it is time to go. It was the beginning of my journey and I was certain the bill would be $600 – $700, but instead the mechanic handed me two hundred dollars and a business card. He said one of the gentleman I had spoken with was the owner. He was inspired by what I was doing and wanted to waive the service fee, donate two hundred dollars, and wish us well. I looked down at the business card and there was a pair of angel wings and the name Jim ‘Souls.’ 

    We were on our way and reached the RV park in DC. I went inside to get our space and when I came out, the RV would not crank up. Again, I had to be jumpstarted to get to our spot. Once I reached there, I turned off the RV and tried to reignite, and it would not. Having spent the prior several years realizing how connected we are to everything, I knew this was a message, not just a random issue with a vehicle. 

     I sat back in the RV and asked the Universe to tell me what message it was sending. The first word that popped into my mind was ‘solenoid,’ pronounced ‘sillinoid.’ I took a breath and began repeating the word. After the third repetition, it morphed into ‘silly noise.’ I then got the message. I asked, ‘Is this how I begin the message of my tour? Is it the “silly noise” that keeps people stopping and starting, and stopping and starting when it comes to their dreams? If that is the message, please let the RV crank.” I went back to the driver’s seat, inserted the key, turned the ignition… and the RV cranked up. It cranked for the entire rest of the journey through January 2014. 

     In this scenario, the RV represents the collective home, illustrating the collective whole. The damaged solenoid was reflective of ‘all the chatter inside of our heads, and the ‘chatter of others outside’ that keep us moving forward and backing up in life. Needing to be jumpstarted represents the way those outside of us often reignite the spark inside. And this took place on the way to ‘our capital,’ the place of our ‘highest government;’ metaphorically the mind. 

Getting Connected and Staying Interconnected

    What if we are all that connected to our reality? What if everything in our external world is merely an extension of our inner world? What if everything is part of the ‘play’ of the Universe? What if merely changing our thoughts, having an awareness, or staying detached from all experiences, a secret world is revealed that few are aware of? We really do live in a world within a world…within a world.  

     This is what I share within the new book, SIGNS: Sacred Encounters With Pathways, Turning Points and Divine Guideposts. It is filled with stories form other individuals that have had their own sacred encounters. Furthermore, SIGNS shares how you activate, expand and create an ongoing conversation with the Universe so that trust, feel supported and create a life of greater fulfillment. What I guarantee is that you will never look at life in the same way! 

     The signs and symbols of your life appear so that you learn to trust. They are ever-present and placed in specific moments and times to aid you where clarity is most required. Coincidences and synchronicity are simply those moments where the authentic you lines up with awareness of the magic moments. You now have the choice to think of that as “special” or “ordinary.” 

     If synchronicity is special for you, then you are still lacking in trust and knowing of your interconnectedness. You would still be in fight or flight, pushing, toiling, and moving against your own grain for the most part. And, it will remain a once-in-a-while experience. 

     If synchronicity is ordinary, then you are living in the flow, recognizing the many pieces and parts of yourself in all the ways that they appear. You have allowed yourself to wipe away the veils from your eyes and ears to see the world as it really is, instead of the way most of us have been conditioned into. In this way, synchronicity will be an everyday experience.

     The world is undergoing all manner of experiences to prompt us to wake up. Are you ready to notice the tappings within those experiences? Is it time for you to wake up to a more expanded experience and perspective of life, of yourself, and of our co-creation of all that exists. Ask for a ‘sign’. Have a sacred encounter. Be preset to receive your divine guideposts. The universe is speaking to you. Are you listening? Looking? Sensing? Feeling?


SIMRAN is the author of the book SIGNS: Everyday Encounters with Pathways, Turning Points, and Divine Guideposts, a book in the Common Sentience book series. 

She is a love catalyst, rebel humanitarian, and sacred soul activist. As the #1 rated host of 11:11 Talk Radio and publisher of Nautilus Award-winning 11:11 Magazine. SIMRAN creates art, online courses, books, and media to bridge humanity’s experience and expression. A Tedx speaker, SIMRAN speaks about the beauty of our humanity, in all of its expressions, and the radiance of our Divinity, as an eternal experience. 

SIMRAN is author of the Gold Award-winning books: Conversations With The Universe, Your Journey to Enlightenment and Your Journey to Love. SIMRAN has also released a new trilogy on self-realization: LIVING: The 7 Blessings of Human Experience, BEING: The 7 Illusions That Derail Personal Power, Purpose and Peace and KNOWING: The 7 Human Expressions of Grace. SIMRAN resides in Charleston SC and is devoted to the journey of the soul.

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