Does a rose need to TRY to be a rose?

Does a rose seed need to struggle and strive to bloom into a rose?

Of course not.

Everything that a rose seed needs to become what it’s meant to be is already within it.

All it needs is the right fertile soil, a little water and regular sunlight for it to blossom into its natural beauty.

We human beings are not all that different.

There’s something unique within all of us – even you – that wants to emerge.

A calling. A purpose.

A vision of what your life is meant to be.

Question is: are you willing to surrender to what your soul truly wants for you?

Are you willing to let go of societal expectations that drown out your ability to live life from a place of pure inspiration?

Are you willing to allow your greatest life to emerge through you?

If you are, Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith wants to be your personal spiritual guide in his newly REMASTERED free Webinar:


The Life Visioning Mastery Quest by Mindvalley

For 35 days, you’ll learn how to create the right environment — with specific spiritual practices — to let your intrinsic nature reveal itself.

You’ll begin asking the right questions, gaining the right insights and begin the beautiful journey of living a purposeful life that’s deeply aligned to your soul’s VISION for your life.

And when that happens, just like a rose, you’ll blossom into your most authentic, most fulfilled and most joyful version of YOU.

Thousands have already taken the courageous leap and enrolled in this journey.

Ready to take a journey into your soul?

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