The History of DezNat for the Modern Reader



The DezNat movement is wide and vast. Due to its inception as a social media tool to spread news and worship about God, it has been open to interpretation and misuse. However, Deznat does have a set of core principles upon which it was founded.

These principles go back a long way, right back to the founding pioneers. The state they attempted to create was known as the Deseret, the basis of the DezNat hashtag. Below, we go through a history of the Deseret Nation and the DezNat movement.

The Deseret

The Salt Lake Valley was the beginning of the DezNat movement. When the Saints moved from Nauvoo, their boundary would become known as the Deseret. The state existed for two years, though was never recognized by the United States Government.

The Deseret was roughly made up of the lands between the Rocky Mountains and the Sierra Nevada. Congress created the territory of Utah in its place. Brigham Young, a church president who had applied for the Deseret to become a state, became its first governor.

The ideology of the Deseret was that the church and early Mormon pioneers would be able to govern themselves. Deseret translates as a beehive in the Book of Mormon, and this symbol represented a harmonious working colony just as members of the church would work for God.

Brigham Young

Brigham Young, as well as being the first governor, was also the second president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It was Young who led the Mormon pioneers through the desert to the promised land of the Deseret. He aimed to provide a safe place for all who recognized God’s authority.

One of his more famous speeches involved Young unsheathing a large knife. He used the knife as a symbol, threatening any who opposed the church and would discredit the work of God. Though unfounded, it has often been used to show him as a violent man, bent on violence and murder.

Online, the DezNat movement often uses this as a symbol. It is jokingly used in memes to show that the movement is not afraid to embrace its history. However, it is also used as a serious statement to show defiance to anyone who goes against the work of the church.

The Modern Deznat Movement

Modern DezNat followers are primarily found on the social network Twitter. They use the hashtag #deznat to be found. There are many conflicting opinions about what DezNat stands for, as it is not a movement or political ideology, but a group of people who are simply members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

The sharing of the hashtag started in August 2018. It was accompanied by quotes from scripture, proclamations of traditional values, and the defense of the church. Soon, many people of faith were sharing images using #deznat.

People who identify with the DezNat movement can vary in views, though the primary foundation is that they believe in the family as a foundation of civilization. They are also against progressive Mormonism and adapting the church’s values for political ideology.

Becoming a Follower

Anyone with faith in God and a twitter account can become a follower of DezNat. All you have to do is log on and follow people who use hashtags to spread the word. You may even begin to share some good news yourself.

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