How To Beat Competition With An Effective SEO Game Plan

Though SEO isn’t meant to be complicated, you may struggle to rank on top of the search engines and outrank your competitors. The USA’s online sales are predicted to rise by 12.4 percent over the next few years, and experts expect 95 percent of total purchases online by 2040.

If you are not tapping this growing market, you are losing precious revenues and brand recognition. Find the best SEO firm in the USA or an SEO agency and start planning a strategy that beats the competition by nipping it in the bud.
Here are some pertinent factors that can set your SEO game plan for success.

Start With an SEO Health Check or Audit

Before making more plans, you need to know your current standing in the SEO rankings. Remember that 93% of the online experiences start from a search engine. So, you can’t ignore the significance of top rankings here. That’s where an SEO audit can help.

A timely and regular audit assesses the features that matter in the SEO rankings. It may include the website’s design, keywords, or content. The audit involves a health check to see if your web pages are user-friendly, reliable, responsive, and easy to navigate. Also, it checks the page speed because the bounce rate may increase by 50%, and conversions fall by 12% per second if your site takes more than three seconds to load.
SEO audit also double checks if the links are working correctly, and your website is ranking for the right keywords in the SERPs. It’s like a report card that can help plan a better SEO strategy by removing all roadblocks.

Select the Right Keywords

A lot of digital marketers fail to focus on the right keywords to plan an SEO strategy. Though keywords are the terms or phrases that customers use to search for something online, working with the right keywords can be complicated. You have to choose the keywords that are relevant, competitive, and in-demand.

Choose the words with the lowest competition but high potential to attract buyers. The best SEO firm in the USA would focus on a combination of long-tail and short-tail keywords to make it happen. For example, ‘handbags Denver’ is a short tail keyword, while ‘cowhide leather handbags near me in Denver’ is the long tail keyword with a focused approach. Use them both properly in your content for a higher search rate and optimization.

You may also work on keywords optimized for voice search here. Since people talk and type differently, these keywords may generally be long-tail with a question format. For example, ‘what are the best places to buy handbags near me in Denver?’

Create Compelling Content

Content is the basis for search on the search engine. Hence, your SEO strategy can never be complete without a great, engaging, relevant, and optimized content in blogs, articles, web content, and more. Try to use the elements of relevance and uniqueness throughout the content to make it better than your competitors. You may offer your readers value by educating them on a subject, providing answers to common questions, or giving solutions to the problems they face.

Mobile Responsiveness

The increasing use of mobile phones for online searches has led to changes in conventional SEO strategies. Mobile devices cover nearly half of the organic search engine visits in the USA alone. About 63% of the paid Google search results came from mobile devices in 2018 in the country. Overall, it accounts for nearly 56% of the total online searches.

As a result, marketers expect mobile SEO advertising to increase to $23.4 billion by 2021. Among such exciting and promising numbers, there is no need to emphasize the significance of mobile-friendly websites further. If your site is still not there, it is time to hire an SEO firm in the USA to redesign and optimize your digital entity.

Local SEO and Backlinks

If the majority of your buyers are local, you need to pay more attention to localized SEO. Rank higher for local keywords and become a part of Google’s Local Snack Pack. The idea is to make your business visible in the location with an impressive digital presence.

Studies say that nearly 72% of customers performing a local search prefer a store within five miles of their location. You can claim this business by staying ahead of the competition. Make a strategy that includes the city name in your keywords, and keep your address consistent. For example, use keywords like ‘best restaurants in Oklahoma City.’

Also, create clickable backlinks that take users to your website from authority links. Even if you add links on your pages pointing to credible resources online, your SEO strategies benefit from it. After implementing all these strategies, don’t forget to track your progress and compare it with your competitors to make improvements.