Spiritual Warriors movie review & Jsu Garcia Interview

Spiritual Warriors takes a courageous look at all aspects of our Spirit by showing the internal and external struggles of a troubled actor, Finn (Jsu Garcia) trying to make it in Hollywood. Throughout the movie Finn meets with an elderly man, Roger (Robert Easton), who helps Finn learn how to awaken to the insights of his soul.

From a cinematography perspective, this is no easy task. But, the filmmakers boldly use stunning visuals and exquisite special effects to demonstrate such ideas as the transcendence of the soul, past lives, destiny, light versus darkness, and spiritual awakening. Using words to accurately describe these concepts is difficult enough. However, the movie successfully uses remarkable images to capture the essence behind these deeper realities. Additionally, since the film primarily takes place in Los Angeles, there is enough subtle humor and contemporary examples of everyday life to provide a fun, exciting and relatable context to examine some of life’s most important questions.

The cinematography provokes the viewer to ask their own questions as opposed to the dialogue simply giving answers. For example, the movie asks what role darkness and evil play in our own spiritual quest. What impact do our past lives have on our current relationships and circumstances? How much of our destiny is predetermined?

My favorite message from the movie is that when we begin to view life from the perspective of our soul, our life and eventually our destiny take on a much more fulfilling meaning. This is echoed in the beginning scene, when the following quote is flashed on the screen,

“Spiritual Warriors are people who confidently make choices about where to focus their internal attention, even when the external realities of their everyday lives are chaotic, troublesome or just plain annoying.”

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I had a chance to interview the filmmaker and star of Spiritual Warriors about the challenging and rewarding aspects of making the film. You can listen to that interview on Spiritual Media Blog’s iTunes podcast by visiting:


In the interview, Jsu talks about:

– Where the idea for Spiritual Warriors came from

– What he has learned about himself throughout his participation with the film

– A big fight he had with the director while shooting in a desert in Jordan

– Advice for writers, actors and producers on how to make movies with spiritual messages.