Combining intuition with rational thinking and psychology

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Abby Gooch, host of the 2015 Intuitive U Global Summit. The main focus of our interview was her asking me a lot questions about merging both rational thinking and traditional psychology into first hand experience of living a life in harmony with your intuition.

That is something that I have tried to do in my life. It has not always been easy for me to follow and trust my intuition, but I have found that when I do, I feel a peace that passes understanding and a much deeper level of connection to my self. During our interview, we also talk about how my intuition guided me to leave Indianapolis after I graduated from law school to move to Los Angeles to work in Hollywood for the William Morris entertainment agency and then to start my blog, Spiritual Media Blog…Then, she went on to ask me some great questions about how I am currently getting a PhD in psychology; and how to use traditional psychology to connect deeper with our intuition, manage our emotions, and discipline our thinking.


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