Rahi Chun on how authenticity, healing and spirituality pertain to great writing in Hollywood

In a recent interview for Authentic Listening Rahi Chun chatted with Jen Grisanti, Author, Story Consultant, Independent Producer, former VP of Current Programming at CBS/Paramount and former Head of Current Programming at Spelling Television. In that interview Jen speaks about the importance of authenticity, healing, and spirituality as they pertain to great writing, and the ways in which her practices have nourished her path as she moved from overseeing scripted series at Spelling and CBS/Paramount to creating Jen Grisanti Consultancy.

You can watch part one of that interview below. Part two of their interview is available at http://www.authenticlistening.com/home.html

Rahi Chun is the creator of the Authentic Listening Series. The Authentic Listening Series is a web site that features video interviews with leaders in our entertainment industry who discuss candidly how listening to their authenticity and inner truth informs, nourishes, and influences their outer professional lives. I invited Rahi to contribute an excerpt to Spiritual Media Blog to share why he created the Authentic Listening Series. Below is his response…

“As I was meeting with entertainment leaders about producing and co-collaborating on “conscious media” projects, I found myself consistently inspired and fascinated by those whose inner journey of listening to Spirit is being reflected in their outer entertainment endeavors. I wanted to shine a spotlight on these entertainment leaders and their inner journeys of consciousness as a source of inspiration, as well as a celebration, and in doing so, inviting us all to give ourselves the permission to live, express and celebrate our authenticity as Spiritual Beings having a human experience. The result is the Authentic Listening Series at www.authenticlistening.com