dimensioncover This post is an excerpt from The Dimensions of Love: 7 Steps to Divine Love, written by Padma Aon Prakasha.

You can never fully be with or recognize your soul mate until you have developed more love within yourself first, and know yourself better, understanding the deeper feelings and experiences of the soul. It is love that draws and magnetizes you to your soul mate. In addition, you cannot fully enjoy being with your soul mate until the soul mate part of your heart opens, which is a definite feeling that you will know has happened or not.

Your soul mate may be found, but not acquired, until the love of the less developed soul comes into resonance with the love possessed by the more loving soul. This means you can be with your soul half physically and still not connect truly because of your own unfelt wounds and lack of humility.

Soul mate love lasts forever, providing the twin souls seek and obtain Divine Love. This love is only a complete One when these two apparently independent soul ‘halves’ come together in perfect unity. This unity comes when both have become At-One with God FIRST. One cannot unite fully with their soul mate until one is united with God first, although glimpses can be tasted and even lived in.

The fullness and eternal nature of human love is only possible between Twin Souls. Until a soul tastes and lives this, they will not experience the fullest potential depth of human love and how God created the human soul. God has created us to live this: He really loves us all so much.

The love of soul mates makes the happiness of two humans seemingly complete. Yet this love is not of a Divine nature, but the highest, purest and only eternal form of natural love. God has designed it so we can have both. Once it is included with Divine Love, love reigns in its fullness on every level. Only when we have the Love of the Divine can we fulfill the laws of the Divine; and if we have natural love only, we can only fulfill natural laws.

But if we fulfill and live both, then all forms of love are realized! And this is God’s Wish for us: to enjoy the fullness of love on every level, in every way we can imagine, and in ways we cannot yet imagine.

Soul mate love is an eternal love, and this great love requires that at some stage these two parts become One again. The fundamental law of the universe is that all things will come into harmony with the Will of God. Soul mate love is the only love that can have a separate and individual existence in the Celestial Heavens, where Divine Love exists to the exclusion of every other love save the soul mate love; and the more the two-in-one possess the Divine Love, the greater will be their possession of the soul mate love.

There is no other love or thing, except Divine Love, that can surpass it, or make two souls so united that even death cannot sever it. The relationship between soul mates is a very strong attraction, and has great importance in natural love. But it is important to remember all forms of natural, human love disappear when you are At-One with God, as the natural, human soul is transformed into a Divine Soul.

In the Celestial Heavens, there is no trace at all of the human soul, which makes this everlasting bond between soul mates even more special, and why it is even more important that each soul mate reaches At-One-ment with God so they can enjoy the fullness of their Union with each other, and take it to even greater heights within the Kingdom, within God Itself.

The strong attraction between soul mates is due to the resemblance of their soul’s structure. One can easily tell soul mates just by looking at them, as they share a similar vibrational signature, or the same soul signature. Even with the soul’s transformation this attraction continues to exist, because the change has not been structural, but substantial.

However, the union of separate soul mates is not necessary for enjoying the full happiness of Divine Love. It is not necessary for becoming At-One with God, and indeed cannot be fully enjoyed as the perfect One Soul until well after At-One-ment with God has occurred. So, At-One-ment with God is still At-One-ment with God, and is the primary goal, the focus of each soul mate’s life. At-One-ment with God is not dependent on being with your soul mate.

When we use the gift of free will to turn to God for Divine Love, what is the one thing that God imagined would bring us complete happiness throughout eternity? To find our soul mate, one whose qualities and unique perceptions bring the puzzle of ourselves to completion. This is how we were created.

God’s Will for us to become At-One with Him has provided us with the treasure of loving another who will remain for us a window into the heart of love. When we are At-One with God, we can enjoy the fulfillment of soul mate love completely because true soul nature and its qualities have become Realized. Because of the intensity of the pleasure and the pains involved in meeting and being with your soul mate, the wisest thing to do is to prepare: fully feel and release the wounds of all previous intimate relations and do as much soul healing as possible before even calling in your soul mate.

Ask to feel:
• the times you did not love yourself
• the times you projected mother and father wounds onto the other and vice versa
• all the times you felt and received emotional pain and did not express or release it (even if you did not feel it at the time)
• all the times you allowed yourself to be used or abused because you did not love yourself or allow yourself to feel your own pains
• all the times you felt betrayed and abandoned; or all the times you felt judged and separated from, not just in intimate relations but for all the instances this has occurred in your soul

Free your soul to meet your soul mate in a truthful and loving way!

The Dimensions of Love – 7 STEPS TO DIVINE GOD, Padma Aon Prakasha, 978-1-78099-513-7 (Paperback) £17.99 $29.95, 978-1-78099-514-4 (eBook) £6.99 $9.99, publishing 28th June 2013 by O Books.