Interview with Desda Zuckerman, author of Your Sacred Anatomy

desda_bookpicDESDA ZUCKERMAN is the author of Your Sacred Anatomy: An Owner’s Guide To The Human Energy Structure…Below is a Q&A with her…

1.How did a rock and roll singer and psychic re-engineer herself to become a beloved teacher to many?

I was a professional psychic until about 1985 when I just could no longer keep simply advising people without offering supportive and constructive solutions. This led me to shifting my focus and to using my gifts for healing.

At the same time I was doing readings I sang with my husband, but the live music party business started to change…You never lose your love for making music but the conditions we were working in definitely caused us to lose our fire.  We played one too many weddings.

2.     You’ve inspired countless students worldwide.  Tell us your success stories.

      My work as a teacher is based not on me inspiring anyone but on each student taking ownership of their own power.  A couple of samples include a child abuse survivor who was able to heal and become the critically acclaimed author of  “Sexy After Cancer”.  Another student who attributes his massive success to what I taught for 12 years, inspired me to do a very successful kickstarter campaign for my book, and flew out here just to show his support.

3.     What is Core Individuation (CI) and how can it be helpful?

      CI is a healing modality for people who have actively engaged in developing their own potential. It’s for people who have begun their own spiritual journey and who are committed to a spiritual practice. These people get hung up and stuck in ways that this modality is designed to release.

4.     You helped calm a dangerously rowdy biker crowd in a bar you were performing at.  Did that situation help you discover Core Individuation? 

It was not my personal intuitive powers but the knowledge that I could call upon the energy of the universe to raise the frequency of a condition. In this case the condition was rowdy bikers in a bar where this group had a history of breaking windows and furniture. I called upon the divine light of cleansing and filled the space with it. Visualizing it lifting the energy of the space and all who were in it to a higher frequency. It worked! They drank, danced, tipped the bartender and behaved like ladies and gentlemen. The club owner was astonished.

This result demonstrated to me beyond a shadow of doubt that I could maybe learn to interact with only light and energy and shift what seemed to be a difficult situation into one that was benign. So in a way this event in 1976 was the beginning of what now is called Core Individuation.

5.     What is it the Human Energy Structure and why is it important?

        The Human Energy Structure is a way I describe our one body, which includes both the physical body and the subtle structure. The subtle energy structure surrounds and moves through the physical body and in fact incorporates it as the bio layer. It is important because it is who we are. You are more than you think you are!

6.     Why does your brand of anatomical study differ from the traditional study of anatomy?

        Because it is subtle anatomy and is primarily studied by learning how to interact with it for benefit. Because most people, although certainly not all people, cannot see it they have to learn how to “feel” it, “sense” it and interpret it by reading it’s reactive behavior. This is different than traditional anatomy study.

7.     For those that may be skeptical of what you teach, how do you respond?

        Honestly, I expect most people to be skeptical about sacred anatomy. I was skeptical about what I saw and what I discovered too. In fact this is why I am just now “going public” with my work. I have spent the last 20 years proving to myself that it is possible to teach other people about it and how to do this.

8.     You have had many wonderful influences yet you say your best teacher has been your own energy structure.  Why?1bookcover

        The Human Energy Structure is like your own personal textbook. Contained within it in various parts of the anatomy is the history of your soul’s journey, the memories of life times and the collected unconscious of the human species.  The wounds of past lives, the long-standing karmic patterns and struggles of your soul’s evolution are all right there inside your structure. Becoming awakened to the one body allows you to, over time, access more and more of this sort of cellular wisdom.  Structural knowledge is self informing, opening a doorway into the deeply held wisdom of your soul.

9.     Can your exercises help get us closer to our Human Energy Structure?

        I have developed exercises so that the reader can have an experience of what their own structure ‘feels’ like. For example, at our very center, running from top to bottom of our egg-shaped energy structure, right through the physical body like a spine is a part of the anatomy called the core. In Your Sacred Anatomy I give the readers an exercise to help them sense the core.

10.  How can those suffering from the effects of our technologically driven, fast-paced and anxiety-ridden world be given comfort from your teachings?

       In general becoming more aware of the new paradigm definition of who and what you are as a larger structure explains some of the quandaries we are encountering at this faster pace and helps the reader understand  how to better deal with the intensity of modern life.

11.  Can those with assorted religious beliefs benefit from your life lessons?

      I always say it’s not religion – its just anatomy. Just like the anatomy of the physical body, the sacred anatomy is compatible with the main tenets of most modern and ancient religions.

12.  Why is it important to heal someone emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually in order for them to be physically healthy?

        We are the manifest expression of the four aspects of our authentic self. Spiritual, psychological, emotional and physical aspects make up the facets of the essential self. Each aspect needs to be balanced and in harmony with the other aspects for health and well being to be optimum.

13.  How can what you teach help us to unlock our true potential?

       By becoming aware that you have a vibrant structure that is attuned and alive to your experience of life in addition to the beautiful physical body you have been blessed with – you will awaken to your larger potential.

14. You believe this is your life’s work.  How can it help change the world?

This is the first time these teachings have been shared in this way for contemporary people and the first time this anatomy has been shown in such depth.  Revealing this complex and explicit anatomy at this time will contribute to the quickening of our species and the beginning of this new epoch.