Spirit Space movie review

      Spirit Space; A Journey Into Your Consciousness explores unanswered questions about the nature of the soul, life after death, and consciousness from a scientific and spiritual perspective.  This movie attempts to go beyone faith to prove the existence of a soul by offering analysis by quantum physicists and anecdotes from doctors who try to explain certain phenomenon such as out of body experiences, hypnotic regressions and near death experiences.  Additionally, one of the experts in Spirit Space, Dr. Edgar Mitchell, an Apollo 14  astronaut who spent nine hours walking on the moon, recounts a compelling experience of awe he had from outer space looking out at the Cosmos.

      None of the these accounts conclusively prove the validity of these phenomenons.  However, they offer strong evidence in favor of their occurrence and also provide hope for those looking for answers to the big questions about life and death.

      Another refreshing aspect of this film is that its focus on consciousness is approached with reverence without being dogmatic.  Unlike some metaphysical films that tell us how to use the law of attraction to get stuff from life, this movie points out that our life can be viewed as an opportunity to learn valuable lessons that help us to progress spiritually.  Overall, it is an interesting film that fearlessly takes on the tough questions that other movies have left untouched.


  1. eva diehl says:

    I seen the add for this movie on FaceBook and was very excited to watch it. But must say I found it a bit lacking and while it gave me things to ponder. It just seemed it was missing depth, something I could sink my teeth into. I was glad I only spent $4.95 to view it had I paid the full $20.00 to purchase such dribble I would of felt robbed. Save your money and by a book or a CD you really would like to see. As for this film it has nothing new to offer.

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