Yes Man Movie review

Yes Man is a zany comedy starring Jim Carrey.  On the surface, it is about a man learning to say yes to the opportunities that life throws his way.  However, there are some deeper philosophical questions raised with the premise.  It is interesting that in one of the opening scenes, Carrey attends a self-help seminar where the leader talks about how life is created by consciousness and when we say yes to life, then we are saying yes to consciousness.  So, it raises some good points about how the opportunities in our life might arise.

Additionally, it asks what role free will plays in relationship to serendipitous coincidences.  Carrey has agreed to say yes to all of the opportunities that come his way.  He continues to say yes no matter how silly or inappropriate the situation may be without examining what he really wants or the consequences of his actions.

The makers of this film are asking: First, how do chance encounters come about?  And, second, what is driving our decisions when we are faced with such encounters?  Are we making decisions in life because we are simply following a program, such as saying Yes to everything that comes are way?  Or, do we make decisions because we believe in our heart that they are the right decisons to make?  It seemed to me that they were trying to point out that there are some events in our life that may be preordained by fate, but ultimately we have a choice about how to respond to these moments of destiny and our response should be driven by our heart’s desires.

Overall, the movie is thought-provoking, entertaining and funny.  There are some scenes that are sexually crude and inappropriate.  But, it is a basically a good movie that brings some deeper metaphysical issues to the surface.  The trailer is below.

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