Gary Renard video from Living Luminaries movie

     The video clip below is an interview with Gary Renard from Living Luminaries: On The Serious Business of Happiness movie where he talks about forgiveness and the unconscious mind.  He says that if we condemn and judge others, then we are sending a message to our unconscious mind that we are not worthy of God’s love.  His teachings are focused on the level of the mind, in contrast to trying to help others change the “stuff” in their life.  According to him, we can change the experience of our life by changing the way we view others.  When we forgive others, then we are actually forgivining and healing our self on a conscious and unconscious level.  The result of this forgiveness work is that we see ourselves to be worthy of God’s love and decrease the seeming separation between our self and God.  This helps get rid of some of the ‘junk’ in our mind so that we may be more open to receiving and acting upon inspiration.

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