Be and it will be

320Be and it will Be is a book based on a conversation between Zach Sivan, a young business professional looking for significant enhancements in his life, and SOL, a pure energy communicating from the highest level of intelligence, who is being channeled through Ronny Hatchwell for over eighteen years.

The book provides practical tools to create desired changes to life’s daily challenges. For example, Zach ask SOL for advice about how to overcome his fear of failure regarding his job and his relationship with his wife. SOL provides Zach with an easy to follow framework for overcoming thoughts and feelings related to his fear of failure in these areas.  SOL suggests to him,

“Where feelings are concerned that are beyond thought, there is a little more work to do. But ultimately, it is only a feeling. In order to depart from a feeling it first has to be felt as you cannot depart from an illusion but only from a manifestation.”

Zach responds:

“So what you suggest actually is that when there’s a negative thought entering our minds and this thought has already created a negative feeling, we should then just feel that feeling through – not try to escape from it – and at the same time delete the thought?”

Which SOL answers with:

“Yes…..I do not, however, think that you should make this your favorite pastime – only when it comes up.”

The rest of “Be and it will be” is filled with similar easy to understand spiritual, yet practical guidance for how we can respond to common challenges of everyday life.

The book is available on Amazon if you click here.