Avatar and the message behind the movie

This article is a guest post contributed by Rea Wilke.

James Cameron created an incredible piece of work. I watched and experienced the movie ”Avatar” on the big screen IMAX 3-D, and again on blue ray.

I found myself to be connecting more to those blue aliens than to the human race. Why you may ask? I felt the deep desire to live from the inside and connect with nature as the natives on Pandora did. The energy and the message were too powerful. Here you have a soldier in a wheel chair who is seeking wholeness. To be free, to walk, to fly and be a whole man again. On the other hand there were the Aliens on Pandora who lived in peace with everything around them. They connected with nature like you never can understand, they received messages; and these message can be in a form of the next action to take. Pure Spirit is what they feel the connection to. Their inner dialogue is thier way of feeling and communicating with each other and nature.

The Marine, the soldier finds himself among the one thing that can help him the most and the one thing that can bring his dream of being a whole to reality.

It was easy for me to be rooting more for the Blue-skin natives, maybe because they believed that we are all connected. Unlike the human race that feels disconnected from everyone and everything.

I once heard Deepak Chopra saying” we share 98.4 percent of our DNA with chimps, and 50 percent with bananas.” What does that tell you? Well it tells me that our action can affect us all in one way or another. So why not choose peace over war? Why not believe that we are all connected and nature is our friend and where energy exists. We are part of it and it is part of us, so be kind to yourself, to others and enjoy being part of PURE SPIRIT.

After all, the soldier chose to be free and connected with his true nature, which is whole and complete as Pure Spirit is.

Once again good over see evil at least on Pandora.


Rea Wilke

This article was written by Life Coach Rea Wilke. For more information on Rea and her Life Coaching please visit www.coachingbyrea.com

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