Michael Losier on the law of attraction and vibes

     Michael Losier’s talk below is a straight forward and easy to understand analysis of the law of attraction.  In the presentation below, Michael Losier talks about the importance of paying attention to our vibes.  Our vibes are an indication of what we want or don’t want in life.  The more we learn to trust in our vibes, the easier it becomes to attract what we really want into our life. 

       One interesting aspect of trusting our vibes that he does not mention, though, is that sometimes we can get a negative or positive vibe about a person, opportunity or event that we can’t quite understand with our logical mind.  However, these intuitive positive or negative vibes that occur are just as important to follow as the vibes that occur for reasons that make perfect sense on a rational level.

You can purchase his book Law of Attraction: The Science of Attracting More of What You Want and Less of What You Don’t on Amazon by Clicking Here.




  1. I would say the intuitive vibes are way more important than the rational ones. Intuition is from ‘true’ feeling, True feelings are from where we are ‘connected’ to life beyond the limits of the personality and mind.
    Often intuition is very subtle and quiet and can be missed if we aren’t in the habit of paying attention to it.

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