The Blind Side movie review

In an industry that makes millions by asking viewers to put their faith in fear, paranoia and mistrust in others, The Blind Side is a refreshing change for moviegoers. The Blind Side stands out from other Hollywood-produced films because it inspires us to trust in the goodwill of others and ourself. The Blind Side depicts the true story of Michael Oher, a homeless child from a broken home, taken in by the Touhys, a wealthy family who help him fulfill his inner and outer potential.

Michael has every reason to mistrust others and give up on his life. As a little kid, he was taken away from his family by the state child protective services because his father abandoned him and his mother was addicted to crack. He ran away from every foster home the state placed him in to try to live with his mother again, only to be let down by her continued drug use.

However, in a serendipitous moment of fate, he was later given the opportunity to attend a private high school and taken in by the Touhys. Michael questions Mrs. Touhy’s (Sandra Bullock) motives for reaching out to him and providing him a home and education. Anne Touhy, herself, questions whether she has completely altruistic motives for wanting to help Michael.

Ultimately, though, The Blind Side shows humanity at its best and that it is possible for people to act unselfishly just for the sake of helping someone else. In this case, the impact of Anne Touhy’s goodwill resulted in giving Michael Oher an education, a family and life-long prosperity. He is now a successful professional football player for the Baltimore Ravens.

The Blind Side is not just a sports movie. It is a film that will leave you touched, moved and inspired to the possibility of giving and receiving help during times in our lives when we most need it.

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